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About Unbeatable Mind

There are dozens of guidebooks promising to help develop mental toughness. The amount of different authors and topics can be overwhelming for those seeking to find the right program. Furthermore, most concepts seem to focus on one key aspect and disregard other important factors of self-development.

Mental toughness is great, but it alone won‘t help you in the part of your life you want to improve, without an understanding of how your emotions work. A healthy
body needs a strong mind to reach peak performance levels and last but not least, no program will ever be the right one, as long as you don‘t have a clear vision.

That is where Unbeatable Mind comes into play. The program has been created by former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and it is based mainly on creating balance between and improving along the “5 Mountains“: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitional & Kokoro.

The program first helps you to notice what you‘re really capable of and finally to use your own inner strength to achieve your goals. The result is a healthy body with an Unbeatable Mind – the foundation of a successful and happy life.

Unbeatable Mind is for everyone who wants more out of life and seeks to live aligned with his or her purpose, passions and principles.

Regardless of gender, age or profession – this program is for everyone and it helps you answer a very important question: “Why am I here?“

Unbeatable Mind can have a huge impact on your life and it already changed mine dramatically.

About me

Alexander Pyrkotsch, zertifizierter

My name is Alexander Pyrkotsch and I was born in Hamburg, August 22nd 1984. I‘m married to my wife Johanna and we have an awesome son. We live together in Hamburg.

While at university in Frankfurt I studied linguistics. Along with my university studies, I earned several personal trainer licenses (e.g. Certified Fitness Instructor, CrossFit Level 2) with the goal of becoming a sport journalist.

This plan seemed to work quite well until I started an internship. Working for a
well-known fitness and lifestyle magazine felt not as fulfilling as I thought it would be. I wanted to help people reaching their goals and just writing about the
industry didn’t feel right.

On a whim, I began a career as a personal fitness trainer and failed. With no real thought into what I wanted out of life I decided to quit being a journalist and instead focus on a career in personal training.

I had no vision, no plan and when I slid into the red (financially and personally), I finally realized that I need to ask the important questions.

I always loved tough, military-style training, since I’ve been to the military and still believe in the concept of discipline and hard work. This led me to SEALFIT , a program all about working out and developing body and mind. I decided to give it a try.

After some intense sessions with tons of push ups, pull ups and longer runs I realized that the mindset is at least as important as the physical capacity. That‘s why I enrolled for Unbeatable Mind – the basis of SEALFIT and a holistic selfdevelopment program by Mark Divine – and started internalizing the methods to unleash my inner strength. Through Unbeatable Mind, I learned to control my
mind and allow space to ask questions I had never asked myself before. “Why am I here?“

The answer to this question led me to my current profession and lifestyle as a licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach. My purpose is to help people use their potential and be more healthy, happy and successful.

I‘m also a Kokoro 54 graduate (50+ hours of intense Navy SEAL training with no sleep) and finished several other bootcamps. These challenges all helped me to get a deeper understanding of what it means to be mentally tough and to accelerate my personal growth. Thus, I‘m also hosting bootcamps, using my experiences both as a trainer and graduate to help men and women overcoming self-set limitations (

I believe that the greatest rewards lie outside of our comfort zones!

About the Coaching

As a Coach, I will accompany my client on their personal journey, helping to climb all “5 Mountains“.

Within 12 months (according to the online material) we‘ll have either in-person or online meetings regularly to talk about all relevant topics and shed some light on the path to mastery. However, first results will appear quickly, once the mind is open for new possibilities. Even though self-mastery is a lifelong project, every single lesson of Unbeatable Mind will help to accelerate personal growth.

I‘ll be there for you as a mentor, helping you to ask the right questions and therefore getting the best answers to overcome any challenge. On your way through the program, I will be holding you accountable to do the work needed.
Together, we will deepen your understanding of all relevant concepts, so that they can become second nature to you.

Moreover, you‘ll have the chance to attend a monthly coaching call with the founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind, Mark Divine and learn everything about mastering yourself. Mark is an amazing teacher with experiences as a Navy SEAL, business person, yoga teacher and coach for Spec Ops candidates, to name a few.

If you are interested in coaching or need further information, just send me an email ( or call me +49151 15602379.

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